Rates and Services

Dog Mom at Your Service! will provide professional, personal, loving care for your dogs (cats, birds, rabbits and fish too!) in the comfort of his or her own home. In-home care is a low stress option for your pet when you must be away. I will arrange an initial meeting with you and your pet to ensure the best care during your absence.


If medication is needed, this will be done at no extra charge. Your home will also be cared for with the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Lights and blinds will be altered and mail brought in daily. I will water plants, take out your trash and fill bird feeders for no extra charge.


Dog Mom at Your Service! is a specialized service. Reasonable requests will be honored.



Daily Visits:

During this time your pet will be fed, walked and cared for according to your special request. The length of each visit is determined by you.


Midday Walks:

People who work long hours may want to consider this service occasionally or on a daily basis.




Medication will be administered at no extra charge.


Daily visit (20 min.)



Daily visit (30 min.)



Daily visit (45 min.)



Daily visit (1 hr.)



Prices are dependent upon the distance to your home; an additional charge may be necessary.


Dog Mom at Your Service! is fully bonded and insured.



Pet Sitting/Dog Walking: As long as Dog Mom at Your Service! receives notification prior to
arrival at the home, there will be no charge. If Dog Mom at Your Service! arrives at the home for
a scheduled assignment, charges will be incurred. Note: If you return home early from a pre-paid
assignment, you will be credited for unused visits for future services.

Holiday/Spring Break Cancellation: Cancellations within one week of holiday and spring break
assignments require payment (less the holiday charge) except in the case of emergency.
Cancellations prior to one week out will incur no charge.

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